Waxing with Epilfree

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What is Epilfree?

A two-step serum application that is applied to the treated area after waxing that inhibits and slows the growth of unwanted body hair. A safe and effective alternative to those who are not a laser hair removal candidate.


We hear you blondies! We hear you our tattooed friends! If you are not an appropriate candidate for laser hair removal, waxing with Epilfree is here for you! This new, innovative hair reduction treatment works by slowing down and inhibiting the regrowth of body hair through a topical solution applied after waxing treatments. Epilfree works on all types of hair, skin tones, over tattoos and even reduces the fine vellus hair, or “peach fuzz”!


What is an Epilfree treatment?

An Epilfree treatment combines waxing with a serum solution applied immediately after to inhibit and gradually stop hair regrowth. With continued treatments, the unwanted hair will be permanently reduced. This is a great treatment option for those who are not a candidate for laser hair removal, have tattoos where unwanted hair grows, or have gray/blonde hair that cannot be treated with LHR. 

What is Epilfree made of?

Epilfree is a European professional hair removal system that combines natural, herb ingredients with safe synthetics. There are no chemicals in this solution.

How does Epilfree work to reduce hair growth?

Epilfree works to reduce and stop hair growth through killing the hair follicles that were waxed during the “anagen hair growth phase” or the active hair growth phase of the follicles. Once these cells are killed or destroyed from the Epilfree solution, they cannot repair themselves, therefore it inhibits the cells from regrowing new hair follicles. This is also why 8-12 treatments are recommended for optimal results, because only 10-15% of the hair being waxed in one treatment is in the anagen hair growth phase. Below is an image demonstrating the different stages of hair growth.

Photo Credit: Healthline

Who can receive Epilfree treatments?

This treatment is intended for all genders ranging from ages 12 and up. This is also a safe treatment for all skin tones, tattooed skin, and hair color (yes, including gray and blonde hair!). Epilfree comes in 3 concentrated serums targeted for the following areas:

1. Facial hair such as lip, chin, eyebrows, and sideburns

2. Intimate body hair such as bikini, brazillian, and buttocks

3. Body hair such as arms, legs, axilla, and back

Photo Credit: EF Tropics

How many treatments of Epilfree are needed to see results?

It is recommended to receive 8-12 treatments to have permanent hair reduction in most areas. Some areas may need more and some areas may need less. It is best to see a medical provider for a consultation to determine the right treatment plan for you, especially since each individual’s body hair is different. 

How soon do you see results from Epilfree?

Typically, results become visible after 2-3 months of continuous treatments. Each individual is different, so results may vary, but hair regrowth should become less of, lighter, and patchier with each additional treatment. In general, 10-15% of hair reduction is seen per treatment.

Photo Credit: En Beauty

How long will Epilfree results last?

In most cases, there is permanent hair reduction. If there are underlying medical/hormonal conditions that cause the hair to grow back, then continued treatments will be needed. Ensure you are going to a medical professional first, to get a proper diagnosis before going through with any type of treatment!

Will Epilfree help with ingrown hairs?

Yes, Epilfree will help with ingrown hairs and razor burn, because as the hair starts to gradually reduce, the need for shaving will too. All together this treatment makes the hair finer, and less likely to cause an ingrown hair.

What are the side effects with Epilfree?

Even though this is a safe hair reduction treatment, there are potential risks/side effects as with anything:

  • Redness 
  • Swelling
  • Allergic reaction
  • Burning/stinging
  • Ingrown hair 
  • Histamine bumps/reaction that reduce after 24 hours

Contact your medical professional ASAP if you notice any unusual reaction.

How much does waxing with Epilfree cost?

Cost of Epilfree waxing treatments are dependent on the area being treated. Of course, smaller areas will be cheaper than larger areas. In general the prices range from $55 for small areas such as lip and chin, and up to $250 for larger areas such as full legs. Keep in mind, too, you are not only paying for the product, but also the service and expertise of the provider. At Elite, we pride ourselves in having an all medical provider staff to ensure safety is a top priority. To learn more about Elite’s pricing, click the button below.

How do I prepare for an Epilfree treatment?

In order to receive the best treatment possible, following these pre-treatment guidelines is best:

  • Come without lotion or topical products on the treated area
  • Hair must be pre-trimmed at 1/4 of an inch for waxing purposes
  • Wear loose clothing 

What is the downtime of an Epilfree treatment?

Typically, there is no “downtime” with this treatment, rather a post-treatment guideline, and your provider will have a specific list for you to follow, but in general:

  • No excessive sweating/exercising for 24 hours after
  • Do not apply any topical creams, lotions, deodorants for 24 hours after 
  • Do not go into swimming pools/hot tubs for 24-48 hours after

Does waxing with Epilfree hurt?

The pain level associated with this aesthetic treatment is mild to moderate. Since waxing is the first step of this treatment, it is the most uncomfortable part. However, waxing is quick and the provider can do things to ensure you stay somewhat comfortable throughout the treatment. The Epilfree application is pain-less! The solution is applied after waxing, left on for a few minutes, then neutralized with a toner. Once this is completed, you can go about your normal day-to-day activities.

Laser hair removal versus Epilfree

Overall, laser hair removal is backed by several studies and medical testing to prove effective for permanent hair reduction. LHR has been around longer than Epilfree, hence more people depend on LHR for their unwanted body hair. However, Epilfree is safe and FDA-approved as an alternative to LHR for those who cannot be a LHR candidate. 

It also depends on preference. Would you prefer to shave between treatments or come in for regular waxing for your treatments? Having both options means you get to decide what is best for you!

At Elite, we recommend to consult with a provider to see which treatment would be best fit for you. Everyone is different, and having options for unwanted body hair reduction is our priority.

If you are located in the Lone Tree, CO area, be sure to schedule a consultation with one of our medical providers. We understand that aesthetic treatment options can be overwhelming and confusing, but at Elite Medical and Aesthetics, we are here to help!