dehydrated skin

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What it is

Dehydrated skin tends to have a lack of radiance and a persistent feeling of tightness, itchiness, and irritation.

Common Causes/triggers

  • Extreme Weather – excessive UVA/UVB sun exposure, severe cold weather, extreme winds, or desert heat can all lead to dehydrated skin
  • Hydration depletion– a lack of water intake, an imbalance in vitamins and minerals, and low electrolytes can cause/trigger the body itself to be dehydrated, thus showing on the skin
  • Harsh skincare products– using too many active ingredients, scrubs, alcohols, or skipping hydrating serums/moisturizers in your skincare, can leave the skin dehydrated
  • Lifestyle– smoking or drinking alcohol can leave the skin with dehydration. Also, not consuming fruits and vegetables high in fiber or water can trigger full body dehydration

signs of dehydration

Itchy and/or red patches 

Flaky skin that is reoccurring 

Sensitive areas or patches

Fine lines/ wrinkles that come and go




How to treat dehydrated skin

Medical grade skincare:

Medical grade skincare such as a barrier cream, hyaluronic acid serum, or vitamin C help to restore the skin’s natural barrier and relive dehydration. Topicals can help, a lot, but be sure to get adequate hydration through water intake.

Monthly Facials

Seeing a licensed provider for monthly facials or skincare treatments can help to alleviate dehydrated skin. There are many different types of facials, so finding one that is customizable to your concerns, or hydrating, is key. Learning more about your skin, products individualized for you, and getting on a monthly facial routine can especially help with dehydration.

Diet & Lifestyle:

Ensuring to eat a balanced, healthy diet with lots of vegetables, fruit, and protein will help nourish the skin from the inside out. Drinking plenty of water and consuming healthy electrolytes will also keep the skin hydrated. Lastly, protect the skin from environmental elements such as pollutants, harsh hot/cold weather, and direct sun with long sleeve clothing, hats, and SPF 30+.

*Of Note*

Chronic dehydrated skin can also be a side effect of something else going on within the body. Ensure you go to a trained medical professional to get a proper diagnosis first, especially if you are experiencing physical conditions such as fatigue or hair loss. For these symptoms could be caused from other medical conditions (i.e. a thyroid issues). Also, aging is inevitable and no treatment is a permanent solution, rather a guideline for keeping the condition at bay or bettering its severity. See a trusted provider for a complete, individualized treatment plan, just for you!