IV Therapy

IV Therapy in Lone Tree, CO is a medical procedure that provides hydration, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids through an intravenous catheter placed by a medical professional. Traditionally, IV therapy was exclusively given at hospitals, but are now provided at medical spas to enhance other treatments and cater to inner beauty, health, and overall wellness. At Elite we customize the IV “cocktails” based on patient needs, which allows us to offer an array of different IV therapy bags.

Elite's IV Therapy Bags

Elite Inner Beauty Bag

Vitamin C, B-Complex, and Biotin replenish vital vitamin and minerals needed to help with anti-aging. Use with external treatments to help you anti-age from the inside-out

Elite Hydration Bag

Support internal hydration. This is great for fighting harsh climate weather, fatigue, low energy, jet-lag, recovery from exercise & sports, and rehydrate for optimal wellness

Elite Immune Bag

With a dose of Vitamin C, Magnesium, and Myer’s Cocktail, support your immune system and help prevent illnesses. Also, add B-Complex and B12 to fight off allergies and boost energy

Basic saline bag

Simple, yet effective hydration for total body wellness

B12 injections

Quick boost of B-12 vitamins 

Elite's IV Therapy Pricing

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What is IV Therapy?

In simple terms, IV Therapy allows for one to efficiently receive customized fluids, medication, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids through a peripheral intravenous system.

What is IV Therapy used for?

IV Therapy has emerged into medical spas and clinics to help alleviate general dehydration, vitamin imbalances, mineral imbalances, skin health properties, and athletic recovery. Primarily in the medical aesthetic industry, IV therapy can benefit your skin from an “inside out” approach.

Who can administer IV Therapy?

Nurse practitioners, registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, medical assistants, EMTs, physicians, and physician assistants. It is important to go to a medical professional who will safely assess and administer the treatment following proper guidelines.

When is the best time to get IV Therapy?

Anytime, simply because IV Therapy is great for general wellness. However, these treatments are especially great for recovery from:

  • Intense workouts/exercise
  • Long & extensive traveling
  • Skin dullness, dryness, or dehydration
  • General dehydration
  • Lack of energy or feeling sluggish
  • Under the weather
These are great reasons to replenish your body with vitamins and minerals

What IV fluid works best for dehydration?

Isotonic fluids work best for general dehydration. Overall, we highly recommend the “Elite Hydration IV Bag” because of the different vitamins and minerals that we use to beat dehydration and give you a surge of healthy fluids to help you feel your best. Click here to learn more! 

Can IV Therapy help with skin clarity?

Yes, because IV Therapy works within the body to hydrate and balance vitamins and minerals that are needed for healthy skin. A bonus is this can help with anti-aging too!

How long does IV Therapy take?

Overall, IV Therapy takes about 30-45 minutes after administration. Typically, we allot 1 hour for the total treatment to assess, answer any questions, prep for the treatment, administer the IV, and ensure you are comfortable throughout the treatment. You can also add this to most of our skincare services. 2 treatments in 1!

How often should I get IV Therapy?

This is dependent on your customized treatment plan with your provider. Everyone is different, so therefore it is important to consult with a licensed provider that can help you get on track with what your body needs and how you are feeling, individually.

Is IV Therapy safe?

There are risks involved with any medical procedures, and these should be discussed by your provider before you forgo treatment (see below). When administered correctly, yes IV Therapy is safe and effective. We highly recommend going to a licensed medical provider to administer your IV and ensure you are in a safe, sterile environment.

Does IV Therapy work?

Yes, IV Therapy is best known for its ability to quickly and efficiently hydrate the body to help you feel your best. This is because IV Therapy bypasses the body’s digestive tract. Alone, the digestive tract absorbs about 80-90% of nutrients (if vitamins and minerals are orally taken). Then, the digestive tract excretes the vitamins and minerals before they can make a significant impact on your body and its cells. For this reason, IV Therapy is an effective way to get almost 100% of the vitamins and minerals that the body needs.

Are there any risks involved with IV Therapy?

There are always risks involved with any medical procedures, that’s why it is very important to go to a medical professional. If not done correctly, bacteria can be introduced into you skin or bloodstream, causing infection. Additionally, if the provider does not have any medical knowledge around the effects of IV therapy, they could put the patient at risk for electrolyte imbalances or fluid overload if they administer to wrong candidate. 

How long does IV Therapy Last?

The effects of IV Therapy are immediate, but the longevity of the effects last approximately 2 weeks. Everyone has a different metabolism rate, which is due to the cellular turnover in the body. Most cells will replace themselves every 1.5-2 weeks, hence how long the effects of IV therapy will last. Again, this varies from person to person depending on various factors.

How much does IV Therapy cost?

Like mentioned before, IV Therapy has a range of cost due to the vitamin and mineral mixture that is used in the solution. For reference, our IV Therapy prices begin at $85.00 and go up to $185.00.

Does IV Therapy hurt?

Typically IV Therapy does not hurt when administered correctly from a licensed provider. We pride ourselves in using quality products/tools that make the initial administration comfortable and keep you comfortable throughout the treatment. However, some people have different pain tolerances when it comes to needles, and these concerns/questions should be answered before committing to a treatment.

Does your body absorb more nutrients through IV therapy versus taking vitamins orally?

Yes, because there is direct access into the bloodstream which allows for the body to absorb more nutrients quicker than if you were to take them orally. Like mentioned before, IV therapy bypasses the digestive tract, which is where most of the vitamins (that are taken orally) are excreted before making and impact on your body.

How does IV Therapy make you feel?

When properly done, IV Therapy should have a positive effect on you. Most people become more awake and energetic, see improvements with their skin, reduced brain fog, and hydrated. Again, these effects are almost immediate after treatment is concluded. 

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