OxyGeneo (Glo facial)

OxyGeneo in Lone Tree, CO is a 3 in 1 facial treatment that involves exfoliation, infusion of nutrient rich ingredients & oxygenation of the skin. Often called “better than microdermabrasion by skincare experts

What is an Oxygeneo Facial?

Overall, an Oxygeneo facial increases blood flow and nutrients to the skin by stimulating carbon dioxide that causes a cascade of mechanisms to release oxygen from within the skin cells. This increased oxygen and blow flow to the skin, along with cleansing and exfoliation, is able to remove dead skin cells and bring nutrients to healthy skin cells enabling: 

  • Hydration and collagen reproduction to plump the kin, reducing fine lines and wrinkles
  • Unclogging pores and delivering nutrients to reduce the appearance of acne
  • Improve the complexion and decrease hyperpigmentation 

Plus it is safe for ALL skin types!

Inside an OxyGeneo facial treatment

To get a better idea of what the OxyGeneo facial looks like, watch this quick video below 👇 

Oxygeneo FAQs:

How is OxyGeneo different from other oxygen facials?

First, there are actually several types of “oxygen facials” such as:

  • Enzymatic facials such as O2 lift by Image
  • Facial products that have oxygen infused into them
  • Facials where the facialist blows oxygen onto the skin using a machine
  • OxyGeneo like mentioned above 

OxyGeneo is different because it produces a physicological response from within the body to stimulate more oxygen in the cells. So, oxygen is coming from within versus being applied topically to the skin. In addition, this facial uses ultrasound waves and massage to increase blood flow and push serums deeper into the skin.

What about hyperbaric oxygen you ask? Well, that is high amounts of oxygen that you breathe in and your circulation delivers blood with high oxygen content for your tissues. For an open wound, it may also speed up healing. Overall, it is much different than attempting to deliver oxygen to intact skin without breathing it in.

What does the Tripollar RF technology do with the Oxygeneo facial?

This is a radio frequency treatment that sends controlled, gentle heat waves through the skin to tone and tighten without pain or discomfort. It can even be used around the eyes and in other delicate areas of the face. However, this part of the device is not offered in the United States.

How is Oxygeneo different from microdermabrasion?

Oxygeneo is able to penetrate deeper layers of the skin for a more effective treatment result. Below is an image of the OxyGeneo device, itself. You can see here that it is much different and has many more features than a basic microdermbarasion machine.

How often should I get an OxyGeneo facial?

You can get this facial as often as every 2 weeks until you reach your desired skin goals. Then you can get this facial to maintain results throughout the year (every few months).

How much is an OxyGeneo facial?

Generally, this facial treatment is priced around $200-250 or more depending on the products and the facialist. To see more on Elite’s pricing click the button below.

How long does an OxyGeneo facial take?

It can vary depending on the products used, but typically 40-60 minutes. At Elite, our facialist incorporates massage and other relaxing elements during this treatment. 

Can I get an OxyGeneo if I am pregnant?

Yes! This facial is overall safe for everyone and is one of the most sought after facials by pregnant women. It is like a double pregnancy glow.

Is the OxyGeneo facial safe?

Yes! As above, this procedure is safe for all skin types and can be done on sensitive skin, rosacea skin, and pregnant women. There is now downtime involved with this facial.

Can I get an OxyGeneo facial before a special event?

At Elite, we recommend getting this facial specifically before special events. It is best to get it 1 week before a special event or occasion. To read more about treatments that provide an “instant glow-up” read the blow below. 

How long do results from an OxyGeneo facial last?

Results from one treatment usually last 4 weeks. However, results from an OxyGeneo facial are cumulative, so the more you get these facials, the longer results can last (up to 3 months even). 

What is the difference between OxyGeneo and Hydrafacial?

The main difference between OxyGeneo and Hydrafacial, is that OxyGeneo offers the oxygen infusion along with the exfoliation, serum infusion and massage. Hydrafacials use a method of “vortex-infusion” where the machine tip exfoliates and cleans the skin/pores, there is no form of oxygen benefit to the skin! Below is an image of a client at Elite, receiving the oxygen infusion part of the facial treatment.

Does an OxyGeneo Facial hurt?

No, there is no discomfort in an Oxygeneo facial. During exfoliation, there may be s gritty feeling or sensation, but overall, this facial is relaxing and feels great on the skin!

What is an OxyGeneo facial good for?

There are many benefits of an OxyGeneo facial treatment. Some of the most common benefits include:

  • Acne, clogged pores
  • Dull skin 
  • Hyperpigmentation or uneven skin tone
  • Anti-aging prevention
  • Calm and soothe irritated skin 

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