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"Holistic approach, Natural results"

Lip Filler in Lone Tree, CO

Elite Medical & Aesthetics created the “mini lip plump, and was the first office in CO to offer this, because we wanted to:





Lips while taking an individualized approach to each client without overfilling. Mini plumps also allow people to try a little bit of filler without feeling overwhelmed. 

What's the difference between a mini lip plump and a full lip plump?

Mini Lip Plump:

Up to .7ml of hyaluronic acid filler injected into the lips

Full Lip Plump:

Up to 1.2ml of hyaluronic acid filler injected into the lips

How much lip filler will i need?

At Elite Medical & Aesthetics our RN & NP injectors will always do a full assessment of your unique anatomy and collaborate to reach your goals. 

When deciding how much filler to use there are many factors that come into play, but here are three examples:

1. Philtrum column length and potential to look ducky

2. Baseline lip size and skin integrity (how much filler can safely/naturally fit)

3. How lip size will look with other features (cheeks, chin, nose, etc.)

Learn more about how to avoid ducky lips with lip filler below:

Lip Filler FAQ's

Lip filler typically last around 10-12 months, depending on the product used, how much is used, and how the individual metabolizes the filler.

Lip filler appointments at Elite begin with talking to your provider about your lip goals, informed consent and going over any questions you may have about the treatment. After that, topical numbing is applied to the lips to make the injections more tolerable (we also offer an additional type of numbing, a dental block, for those who are really sensitive to injections). Once your injector assesses your anatomy, they will then take before images for your chart and begin cleansing the area throughly to prep for injections. When the lip injections begin, this part only lasts around 7-10 minutes, and our providers will check in with you to make sure you are comfortable. After injections are completed, a natural antibacterial balm is applied to the lips, post-care instructions are explained, and our after-care kit will be given to you to take home!

Read more about inside a lip filler appointment at Elite HERE.

After a lip filler appointment you can expect your lips to be swollen, red, bruised, and tender to the touch. Swelling typically peaks around 24-48 hours after initial injections and then comes down over the following days-fully settled between 2-4 weeks. Bruising is normal and heals relatively quickly. Your injector will provide you with after care instructions with “do’s and don’ts” to follow, and a balm to apply on your lips while they heal. If you are ever concerned or have questions always call or email your provider ASAP! 

Mild side effects include: swelling, bruising, tenderness, filler migration, lumps, and asymmetry.

Serious side effects/risks of lip filler include: infection, vascular occlusion, allergic reaction, and severe injection site pain. 

It is important to see an injector who has real medical background, credentials, and trainings to properly handle any side effects appropriately. Your safety is always number one priority! 

When injected correctly, lip filler will NOT make you look fake or “ducky”. Our injectors at Elite all have artistic backgrounds and use an an individualized approach to injecting. This means that they can volumize and define the lips, while making them look natural and balanced with the rest of your facial features. We do not inject everyone the same, and our goal is to keep you looking like you, just refreshed.

Read more about lip filler and how to tell if it looks ducky here.

To prepare for lip filler it is recommended to:

-Avoid alcohol & blood thinning medications/supplements for 48 hours minimum (always consult with your prescribing provider before stopping medications)

-Consider arnica tablets to help prevent swelling and bruising

-Consier bromelain tablets to help prevent swelling

-Let your injector know if you have had any recent illness, vaccines, or dental work

-Let your injector know if you are prone to cold sores 

⭐️ For more tips on how to reduce lip filler swelling and bruising, read this article.

*This is not medical advice, just a list of possible recommendations. Always talk to your injecting provider and follow their clinic instruction

Lip filler in Lone Tree, CO costs around $600-$1,000. At Elite we offer two different lip filler options; Mini lip plump for $550 and Full lip plump for $800 and we also offer Cherry Payment Plans for financing options.

How we inject lips differently:

Our injectors have an artistic ability to look at clients’ as a whole, and provide natural looking lip filler that harmonizes the whole face.

We customize every treatment and use a variation of Hyaluronic Acid (HA) fillers and specialized techniques. We DO NOT inject everyone the same.

Overall- we are proud to have an all nursing staff that focuses on putting safety & client satisfaction as our #1 priority.

Common brands for lip filler

At Elite Medical & Aesthetics we prefer Versa and RHA for lips due to:

  • Longer, more natural Hyaluronic acid chains and less cross-linking
  • Less swelling, less downtime and higher safety profiles 
  • Natural appearing results 

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Lip filler in Lone Tree, CO

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Flor O.
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Kelsea was so quick and knowledgable. She had me in and out of there in 30 minutes. She did a great job at addressing my questions. I felt confident in her care.
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Ann W.
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I have been going to Elite for a couple of years. Simone is absolutely fantastic, I always enjoy my visits (the needle not so much but Simone is always as gentle as she can be) she is always fun to catch up with! She does an amazing job with my Tox injections, I highly recommend her and Elite!
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Best place in town! Ali is an amazing business owner. Her staff is super knowledgeable and professional. Competitive pricing and quality products!
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Sara C.
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Simone and Ali provided the best experience for my first tox/filler visit. They provided me so much education and information to allow me to make the best choice for my first services. I felt extremely comfortable and confident in their knowledge base and skills. Would recommend them to anyone who is looking for providers that truly care about their craft and clients.
Dusty J.
Dusty J.
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My first experience here was awesome. I was slightly nervous, but the office was warm and inviting and Simone was so sweet and explained everything very clearly. I felt seen, listened to, and validated. The procedure was painless and I am excited to see the results! I'd highly recommend them 🙂
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Anastasia K.
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My mom and I LOVE this place! Ali and her team are FANTASTIC! They always take such great care of our skin, making us look and feel AMAZING!
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Jenna M.
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Ali, Simone, and the entire team at Elite are absolutely amazing. I left my consultation with the answers to every question I had (and I had a lot) and with confidence that this is the team I wanted to work with. I saw Simone a few days later for Xeomin and will absolutely be using them when I decide it is time to move forward with fillers and other services.They are masters if their craft and just amazing humans!
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Christina A.
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Had an amazing experience here! The ladies at Elite take such good care of you and are very through with the information as well as the work they do!

Elite Medical & Aesthetics is a premier med spa located in Lone Tree, CO. Our nursing staff of NPs and RNs provide a holistic approach for natural results 

with safety as a #1 priority.

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