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What makes our injectors unique?

  • Our injecting providers are Nurse Practitioners (NPs) & Registered Nurses (RNs) with real medical backgrounds
  • Each provider has an artistic background = an artistic approach to injectables 
  • Elite has a collaborative team with great bed-side manner
  • All providers do regular research and training to stay up to date in the industry

Ali, NP & Owner of Elite

  • Double board certified NP with 14+ years medical experience
  • Completed fellowship in aesthetic medicine and opened Elite in 2018 
  • Artistic background in oil painting and free hand drawing 
  • Loves to perform full face filler for facial harmony and balance

Simone, NP 

  • Board certified NP with background in emergency medicine
  • Completed specialty hours in dermatology and aesthetics
  • Artistic background in photography and film 
  • Loves to perform full face filler on clients highlighting on lips and cheeks 

Kelsea, RN

  • Board certified RN with 12 years experience mainly in critical care ICU
  • Completed neurotoxin trainings and cadaver trainings for injectables and is training under Simone, NP & Ali, NP
  • Artistic outlets include interior design and furniture refinishing
  • Loves to perform Tox injections

Ali, NP hand picks and personally trains all injectors at Elite. She feels it is important for all injectors to have medical backgrounds, an artistic eye, and great bedside manner. 

  • A medical background is important because aesthetic procedures are medical procedures and have risks. 99% of the time everything goes great but you want someone that knows what to do for the 1% that could go wrong. 
  • An Artistic eye is crucial in creating beautiful, natural results that enhance someone’s face rather than taking away the natural beauty. An artist will be able to harmonize and enhance rather than making everyone look the same.
  • Bedside manner makes all the difference when going through any procedure. It can feel really scary having treatments done and you want to know that your injector will be supportive, patient and be able to explain everything they’re doing. 

What is unique about our office?

  • Longer appointment times 
  • Thorough follow-ups and consultations
  • Non-commissioned providers
  • Empowering, positive atmosphere
  • Continuing education and training; research focused

Even the best providers can create a poor result or get burned out and lose their compassion if they’re in the wrong environment. So we make sure to set our team, and clients, up for success by:

  • Having shorter work weeks (30-36 hours is full-time) so that employees can be present while here but then enjoy their lives at home
  • Longer appointment times so that there is no rush and providers can give our clients the highest quality of care
  • All providers are non-commissioned so you know that if they recommend something it is not because of financial incentives
  • We have an empowering positive culture and even have a monthly book club where we meet to talk about self-development
  • We stay up to date on the latest research and techniques to ensure that we are always bringing the best to Elite!

Something else important to note is that the owner, Ali Wagstaff, NP, takes great care to only offer the safest and most effective products and procedures at Elite. She has declined becoming a trainer for any of the big companies to truly stay objective and doesn’t use the big pharma reward incentives. 

She has a process when adding a new product that always includes:

  • Doing extensive research
  • Meeting with the rep to ask questions and asking for white papers (proof of outcomes)
  • Sampling products & observing effects
  • Offering it to staff and friends/family and collecting data before offering it in office

After that she evaluates product’s outcomes continuously and makes changes when needed.

How is Elite Culture different?

Here at Elite, culture is huge and we ensure that our injectors are set up for success to give our clients the best experience possible! You don’t have to worry about rushed appointments or providers trying to sell you on procedures to make more money. We even have a saying here “people over profits”. Do what is best for people first and profits will follow naturally. 

Our motto: "Holistic approach, Natural Results"

It is an art for our injectors to look at client’s natural features and enhance/harmonize them, rather than just injecting everyone the same. We are not afraid to say “no” if a procedure will not enhance someone’s features or may be unsafe for them. 

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