Turkey Neck

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What it is

Laxity and sagging of the skin tissue and thickening of the platysmal bands in the neck create a “turkey neck” appearance.

Common Causes

  • Chronic sun damage– UVA/UVB sun exposure breaks down the collagen and elastin in the skin and overtime the skin thins, loosens, and sags
  • Aging– inevitably as we age, we produce less collagen and elastin that is responsible for plump, tight, smooth skin 
  • Hypertrophied muscles– as we age our muscles tend to thicken, causing the platysmal band muscles under the neck to be thicker and more prominent 
  • Genetics– some individuals tend to have more dominant “turkey necks” than other individuals

Location of a turkey neck

Skin begins to loosen and sag underneath the chin and jawline region. Can extend further down the neck, depending on the severity

How to treat a turkey neck

RF Microneedling

Radio frequency (RF) microneedling is a great option for improving the skin quality of a “turkey neck”. The controlled wounds from microneedling help to stimulate the body’s natural collagen and elastin production, while the heat energy from radio frequency helps to tighten the lax skin. We recommend a series of 3-6 treatments for optimal results with maintenance in between.

Hyperdiluted Radiesse

Hyperdiluted Radiesse is a form of filler that is diluted with sterile water to change the composition of the product to biostimulatory rather than volumizing. By doing so, this improves skin texture, tone, quality, and firmness underneath the chin region to improve the appearance of a “turkey neck”. Since the lax tissue of a turkey neck needs tightening and firming, this version of Radiesse is better suited rather than the volumizing effect of the normal solution. 

Surgical Referral

In severe cases, surgical referral to a certified, experienced plastic surgeon is needed for desired results. This is to ensure individuals are getting the most out of their money and understanding realistic expectations of what can and cannot be done with aesthetic treatments alone. 

*Of Note*

Concerns that accompany a turkey neck will continue to worsen with age. Ensure you go to a trained medical professional to get a proper diagnosis first, as there are many different anatomy assessments for a turkey neck and how to better it. Without continual care, the severity of a turkey neck will gradually worsen. Also, aging is inevitable and no treatment/medical procedure is a permanent solution, rather a guideline for improvement. See a trusted provider for a complete, individualized treatment plan, just for you!