Allison Wagstaff Bio

ACNP/FNP, Owner and Nurse Medical Director of Elite Medical & Aesthetics

Ali is a Colorado native with over 14 years of health care experience in various settings and roles as well as a background in Sports Medicine and personal training. She first graduated from Colorado State University (CSU) with a bachelor’s of Science in Health and Exercise Science: Sports Medicine, where she was “pre-med”. She worked as a personal trainer and a nurse’s aid (CNA) to help pay her way through college.

After being exposed to nursing and Nurse Practitioners (NPs), and seeing their holistic approach to patient care, she decided to go right back to nursing school after she graduated from CSU. She completed an accelerated bachelor’s to BSN (bachelor’s in nursing) program at the University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh and completed her nurse training at The Mayo Clinic in Arizona. After working several part-time jobs as a new graduate nurse she found her niche in critical care nursing full time.

Ali later moved back to Colorado where she continued to work in critical care as a bedside nurse, charge nurse and also a PRN house supervisor. Feeling like she was ready for the next challenge, she went back to school to obtain a dual Masters of Nursing for Nurse Practitioner at CSU-Pueblo.

She completed the double masters and became board certified as an Acute Care Nurse Practitioner (AGACNP) and Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP). She got a job working as a Hospitalist Nurse Practitioner and then over a year and half later decided to take a Critical Care NP position to work at a level 1 trauma hospital in Denver, CO.

Though Ali loved her career in acute care medicine, she also missed doing art and being creative. Aesthetics seemed like the perfect blend of art and science!

She got her feet wet in aesthetics by shadowing clinicians, going to conferences, doing many hours of research, and trying treatments herself. After all of that she knew for certain that she wanted to work in aesthetics so long as 4 criterium were met:

  1. Safety always the #1 priority with evidence based practice protocols, long enough appointment times, and treating aesthetics as a real medical specialty (because it is).
  2. A holistic approach to aesthetics and patient care where not only the whole face was assessed but also the whole person, including their physical and emotional health.
  3. Doing the right thing for people, even if it means no treatment; “people over profits“. This also means, be honest but be kind, no one should leave feeling worse about themselves.
  4. Artistic, natural results should always be the end goal. Every face is unique and should be treated as a work of art instead of injecting everyone the same and getting fake results.

Long story short, a clinic with all of the above seemingly didn’t exist. So, Ali created it

Ali continues to go to trainings all over to work with experts and bring their expertise back to Elite. She also personally hires and trains all staff at Elite to ensure that the above 4 are consistent among the clinic and it’s providers. You can be rest assured you will get great treatment and results from ALL of our providers.

Ali’s hobbies include art, mainly painting and drawing, anything active; being a life-time student and always learning. She is an avid reader and jokes about how she had to put herself on “reading probation” until she got Elite to where she could quit her full-time job and focus on Elite full time (accomplished in 2020). Elite now has a monthly book-club and the team focuses on personal growth to be better people and better clinicians.

Ali is a big animal lover too! She grew up on a cattle ranch in Western slope CO and loves all animals, but especially horses, dogs and ducks.

She has an amazing husband, step-daughter, 2 American Bullies (dogs), and hopes to have pet ducks someday.