The Most Natural Appearing Treatments


At Elite, we achieve natural aesthetic results by:

1. Having artistic injectors with real medical backgrounds that create natural appearing results

2. Using the “cleanest”, most effective products that settle to appear more natural

⭐️ The key to natural aesthetic results and treatments is having clients still feel and look like themselves, just refreshed. Our NP and RN injectors use their artistic abilities to balance and harmonize facial features with different treatments like: 

Keep reading below to learn more about different natural aesthetic treatments and products that we offer. 

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What is the most natural filler?

The most natural fillers are Radiesse and RHA. These two fillers, and a bio-stimulator for Radiesse, provide our clients with natural looking results AND are made out of the cleanest ingredients, which lessens the potential for adverse reactions and side effects, too.

Let’s break down these two fillers a little more 👇 

Does Radiesse look natural?

Radiesse provides clients with natural results because it is made out of smooth calcium hydroxylapatite (CaHA) microspheres which allows for this injectable to not only fill an area, but also stimulate collagen production. 

This client had Radiesse injected in her cheek and jawline regions to restore volume.

Is RHA a natural filler?

RHA is a more natural HA (hyaluronic acid) filler because it is formulated to closely resemble the natural hyaluronic acid in your skin. It also adapts to your facial movements, resulting in the filler looking great in motion and at rest.

This client achieved natural, balanced results using RHA filler for full face balancing.

Which fillers look most natural?

The most natural looking fillers include RHA, Radiesse and Versa. However, it is important to keep in mind that it is more about the injector’s eye and ability to provide natural filler results than solely based on a product. In order for someone to look natural and like themselves, there are several factors that injectors have to consider and look at in each individual. 

You cannot expect to get natural results from injectable treatments, if an injector is injecting everyone the same. The combination of an artistic injector and quality products are the ultimate goal for natural and safe results. 

Are there non-toxic fillers?

Fillers are considered to be non-toxic because the ingredients they are made out of is not toxic. All filler products have to be FDA-approved to be injected into the skin for safety. This is not to say that some fillers are cleaner than others, though. 

As mentioned above, Radiesse, RHA, and Versa are our most loved fillers, because they are backed by science to work cohesively with our bodies and have less adverse reactions than some other fillers on the market. 

🤓 That is why we do our own extensive research, trainings, and always try products on ourselves first, before offering them in our office to our clients. 

Learn more about Elite’s cleaner, less toxic products by watching the video below. 

What is the safest filler?

The safest fillers are hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers because they can be immediately dissolved with hylenex if there is an adverse reaction, side effect, or unwanted result. Ensure you go to an injector who has an updated protocol for dissolving filler, because your safety should always be priority! At Elite, all of our NP and RN injectors not only have years of real medical background/experience but they also have been trained to keep clients safe and prevent side effects from happening. 

An emergency can always happen, even in highly trained hands, so make sure your injector knows how to handle whatever can come up

Does Sculptra look more natural than fillers?

Sculptra can look more natural than fillers because it is solely a collagen stimulating injectable, therefore it does not fill/plump an area like filler does. Sculptra does require a series of (at least) 3 treatments to achieve optimal collagen production to see results. Sculptra is mostly beneficial as an anti-aging preventative treatment, or someone looking for a collagen stimulating injectable only. 

In this case, it is important to go to schedule a  consultation to talk about options best for your individual concerns and goals.

What is the cleanest form of Botox?

The cleanest form of Botox, or neurotoxin, is Xeomin. Xeomin is the cleanest form of neurotoxin, because it is double-filtered to remove any unnecessary proteins and does not contain “complexing proteins”. Complexing proteins are like a shell that protects Botulinum Toxin from stomach acid in it’s natural form, but are not necessary for purified injections. Products like Botox, Dysport, and Jeuveau all contain complexing proteins. The more foreign protein injected, the higher likelihood the immune system will recognize and react leading to resistance or adverse effects

While we do carry other neurotoxins in our office for client preferences, we educate and inform our clients on why we believe in using Xeomin, and how it is a cleaner, “less-toxic” neurotoxin that  provides great results. Education is always important before getting injectables. 

💉 Side note, the new product Daxxify, also does not contain complexing proteins. Elite does not offer this product at this time because of inconsistent results reported, and because there is not at least 2 years of data on it being in use. We will let the company perfect their product and then re-evaluate later 🙂 .

Is there a natural facial cream that works like botox?

No, there is not a cream that works like Botox, its just not possible! Lotions, creams, and serums can only penetrate into the skin to a certain depth, whereas Tox injections are injected into the muscle and work to halt the movement of the muscle to prevent lines and wrinkles. 

⭐️ With that being said, a customized skincare routine is still effective for anti-aging and healthy skin overall. Retinols, AHA/BHA, mineral sunscreen, and peptides are some of our favorite products to use in a skincare routine. 

Is it possible to look natural with Botox?

Absolutely! You SHOULD look natural with Botox (or Xeomin, Dysport, Jeuveau) injections. When injected properly to your individual concerns, neurotoxins work to temporarily stop the muscle movement where it is injected. This softens lines and wrinkles for a more refreshed and youthful appearance (aka a very natural looking treatment). 

Also, our injectors especially like this treatment for preventative and anti-aging measures.

Check out real client images of natural Tox injections below 👇 

Natural Botox results:

Here, our client’s goal was to soften lines and wrinkles in her glabella (11’s), forehead, and crowsfeet. As you can see she still looks like herself just a little more refreshed and youthful! 

 Tox injections are one of our most loved treatments for this exact reason, you look like you 😉 

Is microneedling a natural skin treatment?

Yes, microneedling and RF microneedling are natural skin treatments, because they work by causing a controlled wound that signals your body to repair it. Through this process, your own natural collagen and elastin are produced. 

After a series of these treatments, skin can appear:



-Softer lines and wrinkles

-Softened acne scarring 

-Even skin tone/texture 

Microneedling treatments provide natural results for many people by encouraging healthier skin, overall. 

Does IPL provide natural-looking results?

Yes, IPL 3-in-1 treatments provide natural results. This facial treatment has the ability to brighten the skin by targeting discoloration, and tighten the skin by heating up the water in our skin’s tissue.

  • Here, you can see an amazing B&A of a client who received 7 IPL treatments over a year and half (no other skin treatments/injectables). She looks more youthful because her skin is more even-toned and her lines/wrinkles are softened.

Can IPL treatments make you look more youthful?

Yes, IPL treatments can make you look more youthful by brightening and tightening your skin. Oftentimes, discoloration, sun spots, lines and wrinkles can make someone look older than they actually are. IPL treatments target these concerns to provide healthier skin without downtime or injectables. The heat from the IPL pulses also stimulates collagen creating a tightening effect. 

Keep in mind though to achieve optimal results its best to 👇 

  • Complete a series of treatments 
  • Do maintenance treatments yearly 
  • Use a mineral sunscreen every day for protection and a retinol to encourage skin cell turnover

Learn more about IPL treatments below. 

Our Team's Natural Aesthetic Results:

We all have different aesthetic treatments done, and look natural and like ourselves! Below are images of the treatments we have had done at the time of the photos taken!

Bottom line: Natural results come from your injector/provider

While cleaner, less toxic injectables, lasers/IPL, and skincare are all important in considering a more natural approach to aesthetics, keep in mind that the person doing the treatment is the most important aspect of providing you with natural results! It is important for injectors to have an artistic side where they can look at someone and balance their features for a natural result. 

  • People tend to look fake or “overdone” when their features are not harmonized and balanced 💜 

Elite Medical & Aesthetics is a premier med spa located in Lone Tree, CO that takes a holistic approach to natural results. We pride ourselves in having an all nursing staff of NP’s that put safety as #1 priority.

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