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At Elite., we take a holistic approach to all procedures, and always provide a natural appearing result, but on top of that, we also offer several treatments that don’t involve injectables or “pharmaceuticals” at all! So if you’re wanting to start treatments, but aren’t ready for injectables, check out these more natural, and less invasive treatments first!

A few of these natural treatment options include:

Keep in mind these treatments cannot fully replace the effects/results that injectables (Tox, filler, bio-stimulators, Kybella, etc.) provide, but they are still effective at targeting specific concerns, focusing on anti-aging, and providing healthier skin.

🌱 Continue reading below, to learn more about our natural aesthetic treatments and their benefits.

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Is Microneedling a natural treatment?

Yes, microneedling is a natural aesthetic treatment, because the micro-punctures from the device’s needles trigger the body’s natural healing process to build collagen and elastin. 

At Elite we use FDA-approved SkinPen for our microneedling treatments to provide the best results possible for our clients. Not all regular microneedling devices are created equal.

Regular Microneedling treatments help with 👇 

  • Softening acne scarring (or scarring in general)
  • Softening lines/wrinkles, and preventing them
  • Promoting collagen/elastin production
  • Providing a healthier skin complexion
  • Tightening pores 
  • Routine anti-aging treatment
It is recommended to complete 3-6 treatments one month apart for the first series and then yearly maintenance after that!
Of note: for comfort, we use a non-toxic topical numbing cream on the skin beforehand but it is not required if you want a 100% natural treatment.

How is microneedling an all natural treatment?

Microneedling is an all-natural treatment because the micro punctures from the needles create a wound in the skin, which signals the body to heal and repair itself, naturally. This treatment results in collagen and elastin production which is a natural process occurring within the body. 

Is RF Microneedling an all-natural treatment?

Yes, RF Microneedling is a natural treatment! 👇 

  • The microneedling portion works to increase collagen production by creating micro-punctures in the skin. These micro-punctures result in a controlled skin wound that then stimulates a healing cascade within the body to produce new collagen.
  •  The radio frequency laser shrinks and tightens the skin by delivering radio frequency energy at selected depths for a youthful complexion.

All in all, the combination of heat from the laser and micro-punctures from the needling tighten the skin and produce collagen- making this a very effective all natural skin treatment!

Of note: for comfort, we use a non-toxic topical numbing ointment on the skin beforehand. 

What are the benefits of RF Microneedling for the skin?


RF Microneedling benefits may include the following:

-Softening of lines and wrinkles

-Fading acne scarring/general scarring

-Anti-aging treatment

-Reducing large pores

-Healthier skin complexion

-Evens skin texture 

RF microneedling is a popular treatment at Elite, because it not only improves the skin integrity, but it is very effective at reversing signs of aging. For best results, it is recommended to complete a series of 3 treatments spaced one month apart, and then complete quarterly treatments per year to maintain results. 

Are chemical peels natural?

In general, yes *most* chemical peels are natural. There are several types of chemical peels on the market that range from mild to deep/resurfacing. To ensure the chemical peel you are wanting is all natural, it is important to know what chemicals are in the peel. More of the mild chemical peels include exfoliants derived from enzymes, botanicals, or fruit extracts.

Whereas some medium chemical peels may contain acids like:

  • Glycolic: derived from sugar cane
  • Lactic: derived from sour milk
  • Salicylic: derived from the bark/leaves of willow trees

If you are ever concerned about whether or not a chemical peel is natural, always consult with your provider to ensure the ingredients of the chemical peel aligns with your views. 

Click the button below to see an inside into MB’s VI Chemical Peel journey 👇 

Are chemical peels non-toxic?

Yes, chemical peels are non-toxic. FDA-approved medical grade chemical peels are considered safe (unless there is a health contraindication and/or your provider does not consider you a candidate). While the word “chemical” can sound scary, these chemical ingredients are used regularly in aesthetic medicine to help people with the following concerns; melasma, acne, scarring, pigmentation, lines/wrinkles, and oiliness. 

  • Oftentimes, low amounts of exfoliating chemicals such as salicylic, glycolic, and lactic are found in skincare products too, to encourage skin-cell turnover for healthier skin.

🌱 Doing chemical peels and using medical-grade skincare with these common chemicals is a personal preference. Like mentioned earlier, most of these common chemicals are derived from natural ingredients, but there are other skincare and chemical peel options that are made up completely of botanicals (with no chemicals). 

If this is important to you, we especially love Dr. Alkatis as an all organic, raw, skincare line! Always talk with your provider about what is important to you, and they will help guide you into a customized treatment plan. 

What laser treatments are natural?

Laser and IPL treatments are considered all natural, because they  safely manipulating the skin in controlled ways, to promote the body’s natural healing process and improve skin concerns.

At Elite, natural IPL/laser treatments that we offer include the following:

  • ResurFX– a non-ablative laser that targets lines/wrinkles and resurfaces the skin 
  • IPL 3-in-1– a broad band light that targets discoloration on the skin (browns and reds)
  • Laser Hair Reduction– targets the melanin (color) in the hair to safely damage follicles and stop their growth 
  • Tattoo Removal– targets tattoo pigment/ink to break apart and lighten with multiple sessions
  • RF Microneedling– a combination of laser and microneedling to tighten the skin and promote collagen production
Of note: for comfort with certain lasers, we use a non-toxic topical numbing ointment on the skin beforehand. 

How are laser treatments non-toxic?

Laser treatments are considered to be safe and non-toxic, because the heat energy used in lasers, when administered by a licensed professional at appropriate settings, are not harmful to the body nor considered to be toxic or artificial in any way. Lasers treatments promote your skin’s natural healing process to improve skin concerns. 

⭐️ Keep in mind that it may take a series of treatments to reach desired goals with laser treatments. We also recommend using  medical-grade products in conjunction with laser treatments such as retinols, exfoliating pads, vitamin c, and mineral SPF to help maintain results in between treatments. 

Is IPL an all-natural treatment?

Yes, IPL is an all-natural treatment that is very safe and effective at targeting discoloration concerns, freckles, redness, sun/age spots, and broken capillaries. 

  • Also, IPL does not have any “downtime”, because it does not break or open the skin. Many clients apply makeup right after their treatment and go back to their daily activities. Check out a few of our clients’ results below 👇 

IPL Results From Real Clients:

How is IPL an all natural treatment?

IPL is an all natural treatment, because the light energy is converted into heat energy that causes controlled destruction to unhealthy skin cells, which promotes regeneration of new, healthy skin cells. The natural healing process associated with IPL makes it a great, natural treatment option for those wanting to improve the following skin concerns:

  • Pigmentation
  • Freckles
  • Redness
  • Sun and age spots
  • Broken capillaries 
  • Tightening of the skin 

IPL is one of our most loved treatments at Elite because it tightens and brightens the skin. 

What is an all-natural injectable option?

PRP/PRF is an all natural injectable option, because they are both derived from your own blood, therefore are alternatives to synthetic products. 

PRP/PRF injections are commonly used for aesthetic concerns like thinning hair, facial injections to help build collagen, and body injections to help overall skin integrity and/or cellulite concerns. 

⭐️ Important note: While PRP/PRF injections are a great natural injectable option, these injections do not fully replace the effects and longevity of HA fillers or bio-stimulators. It may take several sessions to see improvement from PRP/PRF injections, as they gradually stimulate collagen production over time. They do not fill or plump an area.

Are PRP/PRF injections considered natural?

Yes, PRP/PRF injections are natural. As mentioned above, these injections are derived from your own blood. During this treatment, your provider will complete a simple blood draw at the beginning of your appointment, and place the tubes of drawn blood in a medical device that spins them at a specific speed to concentrate the platelets (many people refer this as “liquid gold”). 

The concentrated PRP/PRF is then used in sterile syringes for the injectable portion of the appointment. 

In the image above, the client’s blood was drawn,  placed in the medical device to be spun, and the platelets are now concentrated/separated.

In the image above, the PRP/PRF has been transferred into sterile syringes, to then be injected into the desired area.

Is a "Vampire Facial" natural?

Yes, a “vampire facial” is considered to be all natural because it combines both 👇 

1. Microneedling 


A vampire facial is a trademarked brand name for a PRP/PRF facial. A PRP/PRF facial begins with a blood draw while topical numbing is applied to the face. Once the blood is drawn, it is then spun in a special machine to concentrate the plasma. After this, the microneedling treatment begins, and the PRP/PRF platelet concentrate (aka liquid gold) is put on the microneedled skin to help speed up healing, build new cells, promote collagen production, fade scarring, and provide healthier skin rejuvenation. 

Is Neolifting an all-natural facial massage?

Absolutely! Neolifting is an all natural manual sculpting technique that provides the skin with many benefits. The only products used in this facial massage treatment include a cleanser to wash away any makeup/oil on the skin before the treatment, and an organic facial oil used for the massage portion, the rest of the treatment is the provider’s manual techniques.

Benefits of this treatment include: 

  • Tones and relaxes facial muscles
  • Promotes lymphatic drainage 
  • Restores facial posture
  • Eliminates spasms and blockages
  • Improves skin elasticity
  • Provides tissue nourishment
  • Regeneration of skin cells
  • Prevention of lines and wrinkles

All natural aesthetic treatment options

Overall, there are many all-natural aesthetic treatment options to choose from. If you are interested in starting a treatment plan, but want your treatments to be natural, consult with one of our NP providers to get a better idea of what’s best and most effective for you! Elite Medical & Aesthetics is proud to be a premier medical spa, that takes a “holistic approach to natural results” for our clients. 

💉 If you are interested in alternative treatments that provide natural looking results with injectables read our recently published blog below. 

Elite Medical & Aesthetics is a premier med spa located in Lone Tree, CO that takes a holistic approach to natural results. We pride ourselves in having an all nursing staff of NP’s that put safety as #1 priority.

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