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Non-surgical butt lifts (aka butt injections) are becoming more popular in the aesthetic industry and at Elite Medical & Aesthetics. We are seeing many clients that are wanting changes to their behind such as:

  • More plump, more round, or a better fit for their frame 
  • Have reduced cellulite, stretch marks, and sagging skin 
  • Clothing to fit better and appear more feminine or sexy
  • To boost their overall self-esteem 

While we empower women to do treatments that make them feel their best, it is also important to note that we see ALL body types as beautiful and that you do not have to do treatments to “fit a mold” or to look a certain way either. Do what makes you feel your best, we are here to help along the way 💜

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What are non-surgical butt injections?

Non-surgical butt injections involve injectables that are used to add volume to the back-side, build collagen, and help with skin elasticity and cellulite. There are many different types of injectables providers may use, but at Elite Medical and Aesthetics our NP injectors typically use the following: 

  1. Sculptra, which is a type of injectable that is made of Poly-L Lactic Acid (the same material as sutures) that works to stimulate the body’s natural collagen production after a series of treatments (ranging from 3-6 depending on the area). Sculptra provides natural results that last up to 2-3 years in most clients. 
  2. Radiesse, which is a dermal filler made of calcium-based microspheres helps to restore volume immediately, while also stimulating collagen. Radiesse does provide results after one treatment (versus a series with Sculptra) and also stimulates collagen, even after the product is fully absorbed by the body. Results last 1-2 years after full correction.

We pride ourselves in carrying cleaner, less toxic product options for our clients to make decisions based on what is best for them! Learn more about Sculptra and Radiesse read the articles below 👇 

Is Radiesse or Sculptra better for a buttock lift?

To break it down simply:

  • Radiesse is a better injectable option for those who are wanting immediate results with more volume up front.
  • Sculptra is a better injectable option for those who are wanting a more gradual and subtle result. 

Ultimately, both Sculptra and Radiesse can be used to achieve the same result over time. Radiesse can be used similarly to Sculptra if it’s diluted, also known as hyperdilute Radiesse.

How much Sculptra is needed for the butt?

8-10 vials/syringes are typically needed for an average buttock area. However, this is dependent on the client’s baseline and their overall aesthetic goals of the treatment. 

Our Nurse Practitioner injectors always provide a consultation before injectable treatments, to ensure a customized quote is given based on each individual client (as everyone is different 😊).

How many Sculptra treatments are needed for butt injections?

A series of 3-6 treatments, spread 4 weeks apart, of Sculptra are usually needed for the buttock area. Keep in mind that the number of treatments is dependent on several factors such as:

  • Client baseline
  • Client’s aesthetic goals 
  • Health/medical history 
  • Budgeting factors 

Always consult with a trusted and experienced injector before going forward with treatments, as it is important to understand how the treatment works, what to expect, how much it will cost, and get any questions answered. 

How much do Sculptra butt injections cost?

Sculptra is priced based on the number of vials used in a treatment. One vial typically costs $800, and an average of 8-10 vials are needed for a single treatment. We always recommend a consult with a provider to get a customized quote as treatment prices can vary and are usually reduced with higher quantities.

  • At Elite we offer Cherry Payment Plans and Elite Wallet (in-house rewards) for our clients to budget for their aesthetic treatments. 

Is Radiesse or Sculptra cheaper?

Radiesse and Sculptra are priced roughly the same, around $800 a syringe/vial. However, Sculptra tends to cost more over time, because more treatments (3-6) are needed to see results, whereas Radiesse provides immediate results with less treatments needed (1-3).

Which is better, Sculptra or BBL?

Knowing if Sculptra butt injections or a BBL is better, is dependent on the client’s baseline and what their aesthetic goals are for the buttock area. A break down of what these procedures do is provided below:

  • Sculptra Injections: Collagen stimulating injections that can add volume to the butt, help with skin elasticity/cellulite, and build collagen/elastin after a series of treatments. The results from this are a little more natural and subtle.
  • BBL: A Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) is where a plastic surgeon takes excess fat from the body and transfers it into the buttock area to build and sculpt the area to client’s desired results. This is a surgical correction to the body that requires anesthesia and recovery post-op. 

Overall, Sculptra results will be more natural/subtle and the treatment is non-surgical, whereas BBL surgery results will be more pronounced. 

⭐️ It is important to go to a provider who will give you realistic expectations and direct you to the treatment option that is best fitting to your needs and goals. 

How long do butt injections last?

Butt injection longevity is based on the injectable product used during treatment. Collagen stimulating injectables like Sculptra usually last 2-3 years after a series of 3-6 treatments due to its ability to stimulate the body’s own natural collagen. Other injectable/filler products, like Radiesse, usually provide results for 1-2 years, again depending on the individual and product used. 

Read more about the differences between Sculptra and HA fillers below.

What is the best filler for butt injections?

At Elite Medical and Aesthetics we prefer to use either Sculptra or Radiesse for butt injections, because they both provide great results, while also stimulating the body’s own natural collagen. Deciding which filler is best suited for you can be discussed between you and a provider. 

How can I get rid of hip dips?

It is possible to lessen the prominence of hip dips with butt injections. It is simply just a difference in the technique and injection site of the area 

  • Example: injecting into the hip dip region versus into the butt area 

However, Ali, NP believes that hip dips are beautiful, and often a result of a defined muscle to provide the body with strength (especially for athletes and people who work out often or do pilates). We are not all meant to have the perfect pear shape curves that you see the Kardashian’s, and many other celebrities, have. This creates an insecurity and an unrealistic expectation for real women who do not have the resources to get cosmetic surgeries often. While it is important to get treatments done that make you feel good, it is also important to find the beauty in your body and nourish it through balanced diets and healthy exercise 💜 

Who is a good candidate for butt injections?

A good candidate for butt injections may include some of the following criteria:

  • You are a healthy individual with no underlying complications/contraindications for the injectables 
  • Have realistic expectations on what butt injections can do for your individual concerns 
  • You want to subtly change the shape/roundness of your butt
  • Buttocks are asymmetrical 
  • Looking for the skin tissue to be more firm/tight

Overall, a good candidate is someone who is looking to enhance their behind region while staying committed to their treatment plan. 

What is a non-surgical butt injection treatment like?

An inside to a non-surgical butt injection treatment can be described in the following steps below 👇 

  1. First, your provider will walk you through what to expect, have you read/sign consent forms, take photos for charting, and run through basic information of the treatment. 
  2. Once all questions are answered, the provider will clean and prep the skin for injections.
  3. After the skin is prepped and marked out, the injectables begin. The amount of product being injected, and where, will vary based on what you and the provider discussed for best treatment outcome.
  4. Your provider will walk you through the areas they are injecting to ensure you are comfortable and aware, starting with one side and working their way over to the other. This usually takes about 20-30 minutes (give or take).
  5.  After the injections are completed, the provider will apply an antiseptic ointment (possibly small bandaids over injection sites), go over the after-care instructions, and answer any follow up questions you may have. 
  6. To end the treatment, your provider will recommend scheduling a follow up appointment to ensure desired results are achieved, and to schedule future appointments. 

Note: it is best to wear loose fitting clothing like sport shorts, a dress, or skirt to the appointment, to keep your skin comfortable and avoid any harsh rubbing/abrasion to the area.

Ali, NP pictured with Dr. Sadaat during her Sculptra advanced injection course where she trained on butt injections.

Do non-surgical butt injections hurt?

Butt injections tend to be tolerable for most clients as there is also numbing (lidocaine) injected into the area along with the filler product. This helps to make the area fairly numb and comfortable for clients. However, is it best to ask your provider about numbing options (topical and local) that will keep you comfortable during treatment!

What is the downtime after getting butt injections?

The downtime associated with butt injections is fairly easy and may include the following:

  • 24 hours of redness and small pinpoint bleeding at injection sites (most practices will apply small bandaids to the areas)
  • Not touching, picking, or rubbing the area during healing (minimum 24-48 hours) 
  • Expect 10-14 days of swelling and bruising from the injections (expect 2 weeks to fully settle)
  • Tenderness in the area for a few days 
  • Avoiding intense exercise and exposure to heat for 24-48 hours 
  • Avoiding sauna, baths, hot tubs and pools for 48 hours
  • Wearing loose fitting clothing for a few days after (mainly for comfortability)

Always follow your provider’s post-treatment instructions and contact them ASAP if you are in any severe pain or notice abnormalities.

⭐️ Keep in mind that non surgical butt injections require different downtime/recovery than surgical BBL’s. 

Should I get Sculptra butt injections or a BBL?

This is up to you and the desired results you are looking to achieve. As mentioned earlier, butt injections tend to give a more subtle/natural results, whereas BBL’s (fat transfers or butt implants) are surgical and can add noticeable definition/volume. 

  • If you are unsure what is best for you, consult with a trusted provider that will give you helpful information and guide you in the right treatment direction.

What are the risks/side effects of butt injections?

Common side effects accompanied by butt injections include:

  • Bleeding at initial injection site 
  • Bruising 
  • Swelling
  • Tenderness

These risks listed above usually subside within a few days after treatment. Bruising & swelling can last 10-14 days, but note this is normal and can take a full 2 weeks for treatment to fully settle.

Rare, but potential risks include:

  • Vascular occlusion
  • Infection 
  • Allergic reaction to product used 
  • Scarring 

Note: If you are experiencing any of the rare side effects, contact your injector immediately! Ensure your provider has explained these risks before treatment and you feel that your safety is top priority during AND after the treatment. We also suggest to schedule a 2 week follow up after all facial filler treatments to ensure client satisfaction. 

To Recap:

While we empower women to do treatments that make them feel their best, it is also important to note that we see ALL body types as beautiful and that you do not have to do treatments to "fit a mold" or to look a certain way either. Do what makes you feel your best, we are here to help along the way

Elite Medical & Aesthetics is a premier med spa located in Lone Tree, CO. Our staff of Nurse Practitioners provide a holistic approach to natural results with safety as a #1 priority.

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