How Botox Kicks In


For anyone who has received Botox, or any type of “Tox ” injection, you know it takes time to see the final results. During the 2-week time frame, the Tox medication starts “working its magic”, but it happens at different stages. 

For example, you may temporarily notice an eyebrow raising higher than another, or the glabella (11’s) showing more movement on one side, versus the other. Rest assured that everyone’s “Tox settling journey” looks a little different each time.

Keep reading below to learn more about:

  • Commonly asked questions about botox settling
  • The different stages of how Tox may settle and what to expect
  • Helpful images of a real client’s Tox journey over a 14 day period
BTW, we use the term “tox” to collectively refer to Botulinum Toxin injections rather than just using a brand name like “Botox” since there are many different brand names 🙂 .

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What is botox?

Botox, and other brand names like Xeomin, Dysport, Jeuveau, and Daxxify are all neuromodulators used cosmetically to soften lines and wrinkles by stopping the communication between the nerve and the muscle. At Elite, we especially like Xeomin for Tox injections because it is double-filtered and does not have any unnecessary proteins, making it a cleaner Tox option for our clients.

How long does it take for botox to fully settle?

It takes a full 14 days from initial botox injections, or any type of neurotoxin, to fully settle. Some clients may see effects of the Tox working after a few days, but the full effect takes 14 days. 

Does botox settle at different times?

It is not uncommon for Tox injections to settle at different times. In the client pictures below, you will see an example of how Tox can kick in at different rates over the 14 day period. 

Like mentioned earlier, it is not uncommon to see:

  • An eyebrow raising higher than the other
  • The 11’s moving on one side more than the other
  • Or the crowsfeet moving differently when you smile

**It only becomes a concern if unevenness is still apparent after 14 days**

Can botox settle unevenly?

Yes, Botox, and other neurotoxins, can settle unevenly. This is because the medication can “kick in” at different rates. If however, there is still unevenness after the 14 day period, call your provider to go in for a follow up appointment.

  • At Elite, our providers check-in with our clients 1 week post-treatment to see how their Tox is settling, and from there can assess if a client may need to be seen at the 2-week mark for a follow up. 
  • We provide a free touch up after 2-weeks (if needed) if our recommended dosage did not take as expected.  

Ensure you are going to a provider/office that puts your care and safety as a priority and follows up with you!

Does botox settle quicker the second time?

Tox injections can sometimes settle faster after subsequent treatments but not usually as soon as the 2nd time.  When you do consistent treatments over a year or so the muscle is often weaker and so treatment will last longer and at times kick in faster. Regardless, each treatment is different so we always recommend 14-days before judging it!


We also recommend people make facial movements for a few hours after injections, to help the Tox bind to the nerve receptors a little faster. 

  • Read more below on tips to help make your Tox last longer

Botox progression photos: day 1 to day 14

Keep reading below for an inside into Tox treatment progression over a 14 day period. 

Before Tox injections:

Below are before images, or baseline, of a client who was treated with Xeomin in the following areas:

  • Glabella (11’s)
  • Forehead
  • Crowsfeet

These photos show the natural movement of each muscle group before treated with Tox

48 hours after Tox injections:

Just 2 days after the injections, and you can already see some changes and softening of movement, especially in the crowsfeet and forehead. 

5 days after Tox injections:

In these images you can see that the eyebrows look a little uneven when she raises, and her glabella is taking a little longer to kick in than the other areas. Rest assured, this is normal! The effects of the Tox medication is still working to its full potential.

1 week after Tox injections:

There’s a major improvement in the muscle movement and softening of lines/wrinkles after 1 week. However, you can see that the client’s eyebrows are still a little uneven, but again its best to wait the full 14 days to let the Tox settle.

10 days after Tox injections:

Below you can see how nicely the Tox is continuing to settle. Note there is still slight movement in her glabella and crows feet, but overall is settling evenly and still has a few days for final results.

14 days after Tox injections
Before & After:

The final results 🙌  

This client did not need any touch-ups, as the Tox results were exactly as she and our provider discussed. However, if at this time a touch-up was needed, that is when scheduling a follow up appointment with the injector is important. 

Watch the full transformation video below 👇 

Are follow up appointments for botox important?

Yes follow up appointments for Tox, and any injectable treatment, are important! We recommend clients book a follow up appointment if they are nearing the 14 day mark and have concerns or unevenness in their Tox treatment. It is always important to wait the adequate amount of time (14 days) before getting any additional touch-up injections. 

What happens if you don't see results from botox?

If you do not see results from your Tox, it is best to talk to your provider and go in for a follow up appointment. From there, the injector can ask questions, provide a possible explanation, and in most cases will improve the treatment for client satisfaction. 

Is it normal to start seeing effects of botox right away?

Yes, it is normal to see some effects of Tox working right away. Some people to start seeing the effects of Tox working a few days after injections, and others take a little longer! Full results are shown after 14 days.

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