5 Reasons NOT to get Aesthetic Treatments


While we support and empower women (and men) to get aesthetic treatments that make them feel good, we also are not afraid to say “no” to clients getting aesthetic treatments. Our providers care about our clients on a personal level to advise them to do what is best for them at that time, and sometimes that means not doing a treatment at all. 

💜 In this article we will cover our Nurse Practitioner’s top 5 reasons to NOT to get aesthetics treatments and frequently asked questions regarding this subject.

Table of Contents

Reason #1

Because everyone else is doing it:

Just because there is a new trend on Tik Tok, or you’re seeing the new “latest and greatest” treatment on social media does not mean it is going to be a treatment best for you. There are side effects and risks to every medical treatment that could cause complications later on if not taken seriously or done for the appropriate reasons. If you are interested in a certain treatment, talk with your provider/injector about your options, instead of seeking a medical spa that offers the trendy treatment at that time.

 ⭐️ FYI- it’s not uncommon for these trends to end, and people end up not being happy with the treatment/results anymore because there is a new trend. 


  • Ozempic aka “the skinny shot”: This is all the rage right now for losing weight! But, while you may see many people taking/using a certain medication, this does not mean it is a safe option for everyone. Also, we strongly believe that not everyone is meant to look the same, and “skinny” does not mean you are healthy! Consider taking care of your total health/wellness through a balanced diet and exercise and consult with a medical professional for any type of weight-loss medication. 

Reason #2

Your partner wants you to look a certain way:

First and foremost, do not let anyone make you feel like you should look a certain way! We recommend to refrain from doing treatments because someone wants you to look differently. It is never a good idea to do aesthetic treatments to “people please”. 

⭐️ Instead, do treatments because you want to, and it empowers you to feel your best! Your partner should support and care about you just as you are, with or without aesthetic treatments done. 


  • Your partner says you “need botox”: Ali, NP and owner of Elite has had clients in her office tell their partners that they “need” botox in front of her. While there may be jokes aside, it is important to note these kind of comments from your partner (if any) and talk to them about it, because you should never feel like you have to change for someone else in order to feel loved or accepted! 

Reason #3

You think it will make you feel more secure:

Consider doing aesthetic treatments because they are empowering to you, not because you feel the need to “fix” something about yourself to feel secure or beautiful. Your mental health is #1 priority, and oftentimes if you are struggling with an insecurity, there is an underlying reason that needs to be addressed (ie. your inner child was made fun of for something that is still affecting you). 

⭐️ Our EMA team strives to make aesthetic treatments an empowering thing to do that makes YOU feel good, bottom line.


  • You were once made fun of for “chicken lips”:  So naturally, getting lip filler might make you feel better about your appearance, but it doesn’t fix the “inner child” that was made fun of for her lips to begin with. PLUS, the same person that made fun of you for having “chicken lips” will most likely make fun of you for getting lip filler! Overall, you have to do it for yourself…you will never make everyone happy 💜 

Reason #4

You are under immense stress:

We understand that when life feels out of control, you usually feel the need to control something. But, aesthetic treatments should never be used as a coping mechanism in hard, stressful times. When you are not in the right headspace, it is only human to make impulse decisions that you may regret later when things have calmed down. 

⭐️ This is often when our NP providers will say “no” to a client and tell them to come back when things are less stressful and consult about it then (and most of them thank us for it)!


  • Someone is going through a family crisis: Getting any type of medical treatment is not the way to go about handling a stressful time/event in your life. It is also posing a risk for you to have adverse reactions to a treatment or slower healing time, simply because your body is already being triggered by other stressors. Don’t worry, our providers will still be here for you when things have calmed down and when you can enjoy getting treatments done 💜 

Reason #5

You have an uncontrolled illness:

Having uncontrolled illnesses like autoimmune diseases simply puts your body at risk for more complications, reactions, or longer downtime post-treatment. This is why it is important to see a real medical provider that has practiced in a health care setting not just in the aesthetics industry. 

⭐️ Providers with actual medical backgrounds know how to identify symptoms of diseases that could put you at risk, and what to look for before considering if someone is a candidate for a treatment. Your safety is always a #1 priority, and should be taken seriously. 

Examples that our providers refrain from doing treatments:

  • Recent vaccines of any kind within a 2 week time frame
  • Any dental work within a 2 week time frame (for filler treatments)
  • Being on steroids. This causes the immune system to be lowered
  • ANY uncontrolled autoimmune disease that is not being treated

In general, any illnesses, or just not feeling well in general, is also not a good time to do elective aesthetic treatments. 

Other Commonly Asked Questions

Can aesthetic treatments improve mental health?

Aesthetic treatments should not be used as a coping mechanism for mental health issues. If you are experiencing any kind of mental health struggles, please consult with a therapist and get help. Your mental health should always come first/be a priority. 

  • However, aesthetic treatments can be empowering to people, thus making them feel more confident and even more beautiful than they already are! But we emphasize that these treatments are meant to be done for you, and not to please other people (because lets face it, you will never please everyone so do it for YOURSELF) 😉 

Can aesthetic treatments become addictive?

Yes, aesthetic treatments can become a behavioral addiction if people are getting them for the wrong reasons. Like mentioned earlier, we support people getting aesthetic treatments because they feel empowered to and use it to feel good about themselves, NOT to “fix” something about themselves. If our providers sense alternative motives from clients they, will have a discussion and are not afraid to say “no” if things are no longer a good fit (because we genuinely care about our clients on a personal level).

💜 Note: There are also some people who are diagnosed with Body Dysmorphic Disorder that can become addictive to cosmetic treatments/surgeries to look a certain way. This is a serious disorder and if recognized to seek help from a trusted provider/therapist.

Does botox improve depression?

Botox, or “Tox” Xeomin, Dysport, Daxxi, Jeuveau, may work in treating depression by inhibiting the muscle movements in the face that occur when certain emotions linked to depression occur:

  • Anger
  • Fear
  • Sadness

These neurotoxin results work by regulating these emotions and also help patients have improved self-esteem with or without underlying depression. A 2006 case study by Finzi & Wasserman evaluated how effective Botulinum Toxin A glabellar treatments were on patients with major depression. 9 out of the 10 patients were no longer depressed 2 months post treatment (the 10th patient had improved mood). 

In Summary:

All in all, we want to emphasize that there is a right time and place to do aesthetic treatments. Unfortunately, we have seen many cases where aesthetic treatments are being used for the wrong reasons. And while we support the aesthetic industry and most treatments, it is important to us and our values to know when to say “no” to clients for their safety (and to have their best interest at heart 💜)

We hope you view aesthetic treatments the way we do: to empower yourself and show a form of self care that makes YOU feel good at the end of the day. 

Elite Medical & Aesthetics is a premier med spa located in Lone Tree, CO. Our all nursing staff of Nurse Practitioners take a holistic approach to natural results with safety as #1 priority. 

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